Landverraad Some angry persons making fast music, ride bikes, drive vans & burn flags! Split 12" w/ Monday Suicide, released 24 May 2014 1. Polite lunch conversation at the office 2. Bandcamp Weekly February 11, 2020. Amidst a barrage of new tunes, we look back at 20+years of Antibalas and check-in with soulful renaissance man Van Hunt. Hosted by Andrew Jervis. Van Hunt by Paul Grelet. past shows share this show. Tracklist Past Shows Share this Show. 00:00 / 01:38:39. you own this wishlist in wishlist. Currently playing 1.

FLORA ODYSSEY by FLORAナチュラル, released 17 January 2020 1. HUMANITY (stay far) 2. DEW (cold morning) 3. SING OF EVA 4. FLORA ODYSSEY 5. 🐬ECCO🐬 6. PONYDOME VII: INJECTED WITH PONY by Pinkamena Party Crew, released 10 August 1994 1. Spikey Wikey - Skinny & Bony 2. Dynamite Grizzly - En Vogue pts I & II 3. .

bastard noise inertia, released 05 november 2013 1. red elephant 2. reduced to dry weight 3. voice of the satellite 4. western exterminator the concept of acceleration can have lasting and deadly consequences… CDs, VINYL & BUNDLES AVAILABLE ON WWW.EVERLASTINGSPEW.COM Hellish God's "The Evil Emanations" showcases 10 tracks of blasting Death Metal! Featuring current and former members of Antropofagus, Imposer and Mindful Of Pripyat the band moved its first steps in 2015 with the intent to play savage and satanic Death Metal influenced by the classic late '90s sound. ZOE "Raise The Veil" (LX/Brennus Music), released 24 May 2013 1. Kellar's Song 2. Don't Hold My Gaze 3. Slam Dance Union 4. Dusty Truck 5. Astral Projection 6.

Mar 24, 2020 · Deicidal Regime What started as solo experimental industrial project has evolved into a duo. We aim to deliver you weaponized propaganda to combat the new world order. Jimmy Tait Operating under the moniker ‘Jimmy Tait’ - homage to her late grandfather – Sara Retallick’s music draws on the sparseness and isolation of growing up within the arid landscape of Northern Victoria (Australia).

Bacchanalia by Twin Towers, released 09 December 2019 1. live A massively improvised jam session - this is what happens when you put 7 musicians in a room with enough instruments for everyone.

All submissions are currently CLOSED! ... Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Eight Artists Pushing the Ambient Edges of Techno. MEMORIES OF A DEAD MAN Avec Déjà prêt de 350 concerts à son actif , Memories of a Dead Man, groupe de la région parisienne, distille un métal moderne ambiant et enivrant qui au travers de ce 5ème disque "Ashes Of Joy", à la production léchée et authentique, nous emporte vers les contrées du Posthardcore et du Metal Ambiant moderne. To the follower of Reverse Alignment, F.Y.E.O (For Yours Ears Only) - Selected Frequencies Volume I - is a compilation mixing known names released by the label with upcoming, related and selected artists, all in need of your listening attention.

Gudu Records continues its journey with one of the true heroes of the underground, Maurice Fulton. Consisting of three diverse tracks, the ‘Earth’ EP captures a shared love of esoteric experiments in house, disco and funk, delivering a different flavour with each cut. Pure Black Midnight by Sunset Inc., released 18 May 2019 1. Late Nights 2. Wake Up, Sunset Inc. 3. 1 AM EST 4. Nightwalker 5. [INTERLUDE] listening to vaporwave as I head home (ft. GlenOAX) 6. Apr 30, 2020 · I by Emmeleia, releases 30 April 2020 1. Ashen 2. The Many Names of Night 3. We Were Strangers and Pilgrims on the Earth Info: Emmeleia was the name of the solemn and stately dance used in the tragedies of ancient Greek theatre.

Panoramica, an absolutely amazing seven track album by Cousin Silas. Pristine instrumentation and production, with all of the usual Silas delights of ambience, atmosphere, melody, and sensory awakening! Genghis Khunt Rough Khunt, released 16 January 2013 1. GKA 2. STD 3. Fuck the Beach 4. Fuck the Pain (Peaches Cover) 5. 664INFINITY 6. PitSpit 7. DropDead 8. Bad Cunt, Good Khunt 9. 8Bit Bullshit by MadHatter, released 15 April 2007 1. Ultimate Warp Zone 2. The Game Master Also Featuring: Shelshocker, Chester, and several Scrub Club members and homies in the chorus of “Overheat.” Coagulating Darkness by Hellripper, released 14 April 2017 1. Bastard of Hades 2. Anneliese 3. Demdike (In League with the Devil) 4. Within the Everlasting Hellfire 5.

submissions >>> [email protected] ... Bandcamp New & Notable Apr 15, 2020. go to album. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Get all 5 Disfiguring The Goddess releases available on Bandcamp and save 25%.. Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Katapillar, Circle Of Nine, Black Earth Child, Deprive, and Sleeper.

Tipper and Friends Mix Submission by Shwex, released 22 October 2016 ... Paying supporters also get unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app. ... Bandcamp Daily ... Infernal hammer blasting drums, chainsaw-on-steel guitars, scolding guttural warcries, cochlea-piercing feedback interludes; two-piece Antichrist Siege Machine (ASM) weilds the full artillery of modern war metal on their debut full-length, and then unleashes it upon listener to force a submission in awe of their craft. Includes unlimited streaming of Too Late To Operate via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. High quality cassette version of Nest's devastating new album "Metempsychosis" limited to 100 copies issued via Dense(s) records from Indonesia. Includes unlimited streaming of Metempsychosis via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Analytica by Analytica, released 14 February 2020 1. Soft Power 2. Blackwing 3. Submission 4. Counterfeit 5. Midnight 6. Reason Man 7. King Lobster 8. Floodland 9. Warships 10. Little Tiger Cats 11. Oblivion We only offer a limited # of physical copies on Bandcamp, while supplies last. "Face The Beat: Session 4" counts 92 tracks (!) from electro / industrial / experimental bands based allover the world. All the participating bands have one thing in common: they all are supporting our charity work, which this time will go to build a sanitary installation for a public hospital (based in the Mexican state of Veracruz). Admission by Torche, released 12 July 2019 1. From Here 2. Submission 3. Slide 4. What Was 5. Times Missing 6. Admission 7. Reminder 8. Extremes Of Consciousness 9. HansVonGuerra This is the most impressive metal record for me in this year, powerful and dynamic straight into your ears - Heavy Metal as it was meant to be. Granted, some parallels to Celtic Frost can be found - but it does not change anything about the uniqueness of this mighty record.

LÆBEL presents “Tainted” the debut album from M73. Adding to the already long list of releases and roles John R. Mirland (Negant, Am Tierpark, Mirland) debuts on this album as singer and songwriter in front of the electronic body music project M73. Hard beats, strong m

Republica by SVR, released 02 March 2020 1. VI 2. I 3. VIII 4. IV Compiled by Veinte 33 Records. Monosynth recorded live - SVR, January 2020 at 'The Bunker' Glasgow, Scotland. Dominator Tech Noir electro chic, neon lights and dirty streets. COLD WAR EP, released 13 October 2017 1. DOMINATOR 2. COLD WAR 3. PHONING IT IN 4. MARY LOU 5. NO HEROES We must unite as one and resist against the violent symbols of oppression, including what's imprinted on our own self, that must be daily sacrificed. Do not allow yourself to be programmed." Metaprogramação offers a vertiginous, sensory insight on these inner conflicts and aspects of the animal being.

Take It Personal by Heavy Underground, released 01 July 2015 1. It's Only Biz 2. Set The Bar 3. Turn Up My Meter ft Copywrite 4. Haters Live (2-1-Sick Radio Skit) 5. The name ‘Aerate’ indicates the intention of the album - to aerate your mind, you have to surrender the urge to remain alert, to be in the pilot’s seat of consciousness. In order to truly experience this album, one must submit to the intoxicating bacchanalia of the music, leaving conscious will at the doorstep.

Ceo Carter #NoDaysOff #iCeo #1Up #CeoCarter For Updates Visit Pages Below iCeo, released 14 February 2016 1. iCeo (Prod. Ron Shaw) 2. F** Ya Mean (prod. I Am KBeatz) 3. Thrashing to the Excuse! Have fun drink some beer, your wild side will appear Don't care, do what you wanna do, I can say it's best for you You can taste blood, you can smell the sweat, Metal is our asset Now we are on the road again, watch out, Amen! Thrashing till the end It's the message we send You have no time to lose Thrashing to Excuse! Includes unlimited streaming of Too Late To Operate via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more. Mass Extinction by GUTLESS, released 24 April 2019 1. Brutalized Into Submission 2. Evil Incarnate 3. Boiled Alive 4. Cnidocyte 5. Carnivorous Flesh Chaos Records is proud to announce the release of GUTLESS "Mass Extinction" demo on CD version! GUTLESS is evil, dark and heavy death metal from Melbourne, Australia!

Instead of fangs that pierce you their weapon of choice is a mix of crushing beats and driving bass lines, topped with aggressive and deranged vocals. Music that rushes, strikes and thrusts until you submit totally. Wulfband came, noone saw it coming, and conquered the EBM scene. OMEN Recordings is at it again releasing more industrial techno music. The label is showcasing their 9th EP, “Delusional World”, featuring Brecc, from Utrecht, Netherlands, a busy producer and active DJ who brings four power tracks to this hard-hitting Techno EP.

Depth Perception by Subtronics, released 15 January 2018 1. ... SubCarbon Records Brussels, Belgium. ... Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Barren Hope Anaffa, released 10 January 2014 1. Samsara 2. Sinking 3. Footprints In Sand 4. Submission 5. Halls 6. Crowns 7. Foundations 8. Il Faut Cultiver Notre Jardin 天気予報 by 天気予報, released 31 December 2019 1. Business Travel Forecast 2. Asutenki's Theme 3. Misty Fantasy 4. After Yesterday 5. Schwarzwald 6.

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supported by 4 fans who also own “Involuntary Submission” After "the reef", this is my favourite track so far. I can't even write down properly about my feelings: this album is pure catharsis. Keep it going guys. And thank you for your art. number44. go to album

Mark Basile Jr one of my favorite and i think objectively best folk punk records. clearly made with vinyl in mind giving the record an amazing flow as a whole, while the individual songs can stand on their own. this is an intelligent and diverse record. If you have a demo which you would like to submit to us, ... Bandcamp New & Notable Oct 9, 2019. ... Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Darkness Dimensions Disillusion by Stone Machine Electric, released 26 April 2019 1. Sum of Man 2. SAND 3. Circle 4. Purgatory The latest in weirdo doom.

Digital Paradise DX by Tsunxmi, released 01 September 2017 1. Intro 2. Tropics 3. Newcomer 4. Computer Swamp (ft VAPERROR) 5. Ocean 6. Anthem 7. Sky Sea (ft RAIDENメガドライブ海) 8.

Cody Drasser Bombastic and original electro-acoustic chaos the likes of which I've not heard in a long while. Punky, guitar-driven heaviness, eclectic, electronic weirdness and hypnotizing tribal rhythms are stitched to shards of noise/waves of ambience and then slathered with disembodied alien vocals to create something absolutely unique and beautifully strange. Steaksauce Mustache Steaksauce Mustache is a chaotic rock'n'roll band from the tree infested reaches of southern Oregon. Hella Merch available at: SuperWoke (special edition), released 15 March 2019 1.

Kinesthesis Death metal from the Dandenong Ranges, Australia. Fevers And Pains, released 19 July 2019 1. Fevers And Pains 2. No Way Out 3. Self Immolation 4. Piss Blood//Dry Heave 5. Unreleased / WIPs by daily patcher, released 16 February 2019 1. Monkeys Love Robots 2. Forlorn 3. Something Inspired 4. 8 Wishes 5. Ghost in the Groove 6. Polynom 7.

[IN MUTE] One in a Million, released 13 April 2013 1. Unusual 2. One in a million 3. Waiting 4. The Cage 5. Out of control

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Lost by CMD094, released 18 February 2018 1. Opening 2. Drax 3. Nimf 4. Skyline behind 5. Lost 6. Infinity 7. World01 8. Augment 9. 3000 10. Aura 11. Driftwork 12. Sathanas Necrohymns (Black/Death/Thrash Metal) by SATHANAS (US), released 10 July 2018 1. At The Left Hand Of Satan 2. Of Wrath And Hellfire 3. Throne Of Satan 4. .

Odium Totus In Inceptum Finis Est, released 07 July 2018 1. Pt. I - The Milksop Herds 2. Pt. II - The Dissolution of Pity 3. Pt. III - All Debility Cleansed 4. Pt. Delectro by Pierre Delecto, released 30 January 2020 1. Delectro 1 2. Delectro 2 3. Delectro 3 4. Delectro 4 5. Delectro 5 6. Delectro 6 Pierre Delecto is the newest addition to a massive roster of artists who deal in heavy, melted Plastix, hailing from the Auvergne in France.